The history of the company


Talberg is the German company, exists since 1996, one of the leading companies in Europe, famous for its consistently high quality and affordable prices. In the range of equipment are tents for camping, tourism and trekking, extreme tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture. 

Since 2010 it is offered in Russia.




The Talberg camouflage series, which includes tents, awnings, sleeping bags and self-inflating mats, is intended primarily for hunters and fishermen, as well as fans of the military style. The tents of the series have a ruggedized flysheet, a reliable system of braces and a frame made of aluminum alloy or fiberglass of increased strength, which ensures comfort even in an very difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the long-time well-proven German Flectarn camouflage, the Forest series products will allow you to remain unnoticed in any forest.


Tents of the Tourist line were designed specifically for hiking in spring, summer and autumn. The tents of this series use materials and structures that allow you to comfortably spend a warm summer night or wait out the severe weather with strong wind and precipitation.


Tents of the Professional line are designed for winter hikes and long walking expeditions. The main focus of this series is on the quality of materials, high strength and flawless performance.


Camping line tents are specially designed for those who like the family rest or with big company. The main focus here is on comfort and convenience: large vestibules in which you can sit at the table and cook, high ceilings, windows. In short, everything that will make you feel comfortable even away from urban conditions.


Talberg also manufactures Camping furniture and Sleeping bags.




Extreme tourists, family camping, hikers.